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A Rice Trader rapes woman in SanathNagar

A Rice Trader rapes woman in SanathNagar

Hyderabad: A rape complaint has been lodged against a Rice merchant Ashok in Sanath Nagar by a 45 year old woman for allegedly raping her.

The woman filed a complaint on Monday, the next morning with the police. Sunday morning the woman went to buy rice from the merchant’s shop, he told her that he would give her rice at a lesser price which is at his home. The woman believing that went to the rice merchant’s house at night. While she was busy checking the quality of the rice, Ashok along with his other partners started assaulting her from behind.

He later got hold of her and raped her, while his partners helped him.

The victim has been sent for medical examination. Police is searching for Ashok and his other unidentified partners. The last mobile trace of Ashok is found to be somewhere near Karnataka, as reported in DC.