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From Rohith Vemula to Kanhaiya Kumar: Stifling the voice of democracy

From Rohith Vemula to Kanhaiya Kumar: Stifling the voice of democracy

By Shahnawaz Ahmad

The arbitrary arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar,the president of JNU student Union charging him with sedition following the alleged pro Afzal Guru event inside JNU campus and the Dalit research scholar Rohith Vemula’s suicide following his expulsion from the University campus of Hyderabad in connection with his and other dalit students protest against hanging of Yaqoob Menon are two incidents raising concerns about the current government policy of silencing the voice of dissent and instilling fear and intimidation among the people who do not toe the Hindutva brand of nationalism.

Since the new Government has come to power at the centre every dissent is being painted as ani national and and those who capitulate to the view of the government are being rewarded with national award like Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan and other awards as recently Anupam Kher was rewarded for his unflinching support to Hindutva brand of intolerance.Even in Rohith Vemula case,the VC of the Hyderabad Central University to which Rohith was the student of PHD was given a post at the HRD Ministry.

In the case of Kanhaiya Kumar, who also hails from socially disadvantaged group from Bihar,he was charged with sedition for raising pro Pakistan slogans but the circumstantial evidence and Video circulated on the social media suggested that it was the ABVP workers who were behind the anti India voice.

Every other day, incidence of Dalit bashing makes headlines in the media and reports of inhuman treatment like bar on making their entry into temples even being beaten for entry into the temples, in Karnataka students refusing to eat food prepared by Dalit woman, in Maharashtra Dalit children burnt, Dalit women being gangraped.Centres of learnings being targetted by Hindutva group.These are few stories to be cited among the plethora.

Such a mindset has gone a long way in disintegrating this country and similar mindset is being applied to Muslims of India (Malechas) as well since a long time.

The planned attack on Muslims habitat and sowing seeds of hatred against Muslims in this country are being executed to suppress the community. The issue of ‘Love Jihad’,’ghar wapsi’,’beef issue’ and recently Afzal Guru and Yaqoob Menon issues are being raised to instil fear and hatred among the rest of the countrymen and environment of purposeful intolerance is being created towards the largest minority of this country.

Even a personal opinion expressed by Aamir khan a member of the minority community was given an anti national colour and under the garb entire community was targeted and called anti national while every other day Hindutva brands like Sakchhi Maharaj,Yogi Adityanath and others are spitting venoms against the minority community.

Moreover,is is no secrets now that it is the RSS and company which are planting their own people to malign and tarnish the image of those who differ with their divisive ideologies.

These entire hullabaloos against Dalits and Muslims and those opposing to RSS brand of nationalism are targeted to make India a Brahminical rashtra where Brahminical rule follows and Dalits and Muslims and all right minded intellectuals will be forced to live on subhuman level under this rule.

Unfortunately, this mindset pervades from Bureaucracy to Judiciary and from Executives to administration. As in the case of Rohit Vermula, Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya letter to HRD minister Smirti Irani urging action against Ambedkar Student Association to which Rohith and his five fellow scholars belonged following the Association’s protest over Yaqub Menon’s hanging and subsequent brawl with ABVP affiliated to RSS, members .Also in case of Kanhaiya Kumar,Delhi police immediately arrested him instead of the University authority being given opportunity to enquire the matter and take punitive action against those uttering anti India slogan.

The need of the hour is that Dalits and Muslims and all the right minded people of the country, who have born the brunt of hate and discrimination since long at the hands of these Brahminical mindset, to get united and defeat the nefarious and inhuman design which are out to destroy the country’s unity and integrity.

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror