Rohit’s death: Delhi Police brutally assault student protesters outside RSS office

, 2:40 PM IST

A video released by one of the protesters, shows not just police constables but many in plain clothes brutally assaulting students who are protesting against Dalit scholar’s suicide.

In the video, several police officials can be seen lathi-charging students, but pulling female protesters by the hair and throwing them to the ground.However student alleges that people in police uniform were supporters of the RSS. Either way, the police did nothing to stop the assault.

Alleging that the police did not even spare the media gathered at the venue. Rahul, a photojournalist says “despite making it clear that Iam a journalist police destroyed my camera.

While some reports claim that the police had to use force as the protesters broke through the first barricade, police officials speaking to the media denied having used any force or detaining any protesters.