Thursday , August 17 2017
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Rs 188 crore meant for ATMs diverted to a bigwig!

The people were facing a lot troubles with the lack of cash in the ATMs. They were standing in queues since morning to late night. But the people were seeing ‘no cash’ boards at every ATM centre within one hour after the banks inserted money in ATMs.

The long queues are seen even at banks. This is reality one can see these days. The Union government announced that the problems of the currency notes will be solved after 50 days. The deadline is nearing. But it seems the problems will not be solved. The common people were facing these problems but on the other side, the bigwigs were putting their efforts in different ways with the help of bank employees. Not only bank employees but also ATM employees were too extending their helping hand to bigwigs.

They were extending their hand in diverting the cash to the residences of bigwigs in Hyderabad city too. In the latest development, the ATM centre employees succeeded in diverting Rs 188 crore to the residence of s bigwig. Shocked over the incident, regional manager Suresh lodged a complaint with the CCS police. In his complaint, Suresh said the 23 logy cash employees diverted the cash to be inserted in 10 ATM centers. The police filed a case and interrogating it. (NSS)