RSS and BJP behind Shreehari Aney’s support for separate state: Raj Thackeray

, 10:08 PM IST

New Delhi: MNS chief Raj Thackeray alleged on Tuesday that it was the BJP and RSS which were speaking through Shreehari Aney, who resigned from the post of Maharashtra Advocate General following a controversy over his remarks on separate Marathwada.

Reacting to the episode, Raj said that what Aney said were “not his own words”.

“It is not Aney’s statement on separate Marathwada but he was made to speak those words. It is an old practise of RSS to make someone say something on a subject and test the waters,” Raj said.

“It must be noted that BJP and RSS are behind what Aney said,” Raj claimed.

Aney tendered his resignation today after his statement led to an uproar in the state legislature on Monday.