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Russia not cooperating with Taliban to fight ISIS, says its embassy in Kabul


Kabul : The Russian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, has dismissed reports about Moscow cooperating with the Taliban to fight loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ( ISIS).

In a statement, the embassy said statements made by Russian Presidential Special Envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov have been repeatedly altered.

Khaama Press quoted the statement, as further saying that such distorted and misinterpreted reports have sparked anger among Russian officials.

Asserting that the rumors circulating in social media are aimed at provoking public view against the Russia, the statement warned that such moves will have a negative impact on relations between the two nations.

Insisting that Moscow’s stance towards the Afghan peace process was clear, the Russian Embassy emphasized that the Taliban group should accept the Afghan constitution and refrain from violence and terminate links with al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks.

The statement said that Moscow remains committed in supporting Afghanistan to bolster security and capabilities of the Afghan National Security Forces.

The statement comes in a wake of reports regarding the growing concerns of Moscow as the loyalists of the Islamic State are expanding foothold and terrorist related activities in Afghanistan.(ANI)

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