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Saffron propaganda: BJP leader posts Bhojpuri film image as plight of Hindus in Bengal

A still from Bhojpuri film Aurat Khilona Nahi

NEW DELHI: A BJP leader from Haryana has used an image from a Bhojpuri film to show that the “Hindu” has no safety and no protection in West Bengal.

Vijeta Malik, a BJP Haryana State Executive member has used still from a popular Bhojpuri film ‘Aurat Khilona Nahi’ to spread misinformation that women being raped by Muslims.

Ironically, the film starring the ruling party’s much revered leader Manoj Tiwari.

Malik posted the picture and message in Facebook post condemning the fate of Hindus in Mamata Banerjee’s state.

“Situation of Hindus in Bengal is a matter of great concern. They were killed and women were being harassed and molested during the violence. No one is speaking on this and there is no ‘Award Wapsi’ neither there is a talk of leaving the country, she posted.”

The objectionable post went viral on social media at a time when the state is slowly returning to normalcy, after a communal violence triggered due to a blasphemous FB post.

The provoking post garnering hundreds of likes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and there are also who were commenting that the controversial photograph is a scene of Bhojpuri film demanding the arrest of the BJP leader for inciting violence.

"औरत खिलौना नही है " भोजपुरी फ़िल्म की हिरोइन रिंकू घोष की सिन है जिसमे फ़िल्म के गुंडे रिंकू घोष को सता रहे है मगर जिनकी…

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हरियाणा से भाजपा नेत्री है विजेता मलिक, वो चिंता जता रही है पश्चिम बंगाल में हिन्दूओं पर हो रहे अत्याचार पर!… अब जरा…

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