Thursday , July 27 2017
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Sale of 439 fixed dose drugs prohibited by government

New Delhi: The manufacture, sale and distribution of 439 drugs in the country has been prohibited, said the government. Minister for Health and Family Welfare J P Nadda quoted The government has so far prohibited/restricted/ suspended 439 drugs for sale, sale and distribution in the country. Out of these, 95 drugs had been prohibited earlier. These are not being marketed in the country. However, in respect to one drug, the prohibition has been stayed by the Madras High Court.”

The minister said the government has taken a series of steps so see that the quality of drugs is not compromised. He also added “344 drugs which are fixed dose combinations were prohibited by the central government on March 10. Petitions have been filed in different high courts across the country in respect of most of these FDCs and most of the notifications issued by the central government have been stayed. The matter is currently subjudice.”