Saleem takes prompt action on public complaint to save wakf properties

Saleem takes prompt action on public complaint to save wakf properties

Hyderabad: Chairman of Telangana State Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Saleem promptly acted on the complaint of the public in connection with illegal possessions on wakf land located at Dargah Hazrat Meer Mahmood, Rajindra Nagar.

It is reported that the illegal possessors made an attempt to usurp wakf lands adjacent to Dargah Harat Meer Mahmood. They employed a large number of labourers to level the ground for plotting.

It may be noted that as per the Wakf record, there is 480 acres of land adjacent to Dargah Hazrat Meer Mahmood.

The local residents informed the chairman of the illegal activities of some miscreants. Mr. Mohammed Saleem immediately contacted Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda, Mr. Sandeep Shandalia and desired to send police pickets to stop illegal possessions. He instructed the police, Rajender Nagar to take action against the illegal occupants.

The police acted quickly and arrested four supervisors and 10 workers who were engaged in leveling the ground. In this manner, the valuable wakf land took could be protected due to the prompt action of Mr. Mohammed Saleem.

It is reported that Mr. Saleem commissioned the officials of Wakf Board yesterday, though it was a public holiday on account of Bonal celebrations. He sent Tehsildar, Surveyor, Task Force Team and other staff to Rajindra Nagar. These officials identified wakf land and informed the police.

The local residents applauded the efforts of Mr. Saleem for taking prompt action.

–Siasat News