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Salman is not a part of me for being my strength or weakness: Katrina

Mumbai: Interviewing Katrina Kaif presents an interesting challenge. In her first interview with Filmfare, in 2005, kat spoke about her close relationship with superstar Salman Khan.

But the two superstar ended their relationships. In the recent throwback interview Kat was much talked about her relationship with Salman. When asked if Salman was promoting her in Bollywood, Kat said. “Frankly, it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes I feel if didn’t have this connection I’d be doing more films with him. Some filmmakers might be unsure about pairing me with him.”

When asked weather she consider her association with Salman as her strength or weakness? She said. “He’s not a part of me, so how would he be my strength or weakness” she retorts. “Honestly, I don’t know how the industry perceives it. But in my mind, my work is my work. And my personal life is my personal life. I refuse to even let the thought of it in my head that the two of them can merge. And I don’t want to talk about my personal life. Why, if you can tell me for sure what’s going to happen in the future. I’ll talk to you about everyone in my life. But who knows, where you’re going to end up tomorrow or next week or next month. And then you go back and see all those magazines and all those words you’ve said, may be different. I’ve seen it happen so many times and you sound foolish. So it’s best not to talk.”

But is she in love? “Yes! I’m madly in love with the idea of being in love.” And what’s her ideal man like? “I really can’t talk about my ideal man because I have this very bad habit of daydreaming about this knight in shining Armour who’ll sweep me off my feet and worship the ground I walk on. I just have this perfect romanticized idea how love should be. My mother tells me, my friends tell me, to stop romanticizing because you never know what real life is going to be like, but I can’t seem to stop. I realize that love is not like it’s in the movies. Frankly, right now I have no opinion about love, about marriage. I’m only 21. It’s the age of which one forms one’s ideas, finds one’s values, one’s way of living.”

Okay, so does Salman fit the bill the of her ideal man? “I can’t answer that. Everyone has different interpretations about relationships. But I just feel; that it’s very, very difficult to sustain a relationship in this kind of an industry. Everything is so In-Your-Face. There is too much speculation. Every move of yours is scrutinized. And it’s not just the media; there are too many people around, too many interferences, too much loose talk. It becomes difficult to get across to the other person.”