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Salute to the brave people of Turkey

Salute to the brave people of Turkey

The hypocritical western world was about to rejoice the fall of Islamist government in Turkey under Erdogan when the brave people of Turkey shattered their rejoicing mood.

Certainly 15th July,2016 was the day which will be remembered as people’s day as Turkish people have displayed that no force on earth even the country’s army can overpower an united people who do not fear death rather love it for letting their rightful wishes prevail.

In the history of modern world this is the first time that people of any country with bare hands have won over the regular army laced with modern gunships and tanks.

Incidentally, Turkey is known for army coups as it has seen five coups from 1960 to 2016 by the secular Turkish army.
The people of Turkey have shown exemplary courage and character to respond to a call by their leader who has always stood like a rock amid conspiracies by the forces who never like Islam gain ground at any cost. Their leader has never buckled under any pressure and always sided with justice and law. Their leader is most action oriented and outspoken against injustice and atrocities whether it is in the case of supporting oppressed Gaza people , Rohingiya Muslims cause in Burme, breaking relationship with Egypt over ouster of democratically elected Morsi’s government , calling its ambassador back after Bangladesh in protest against the death sentence of Islamists ,shooting down Russian jet in defence of its territorial integrity or giving asylum to over 30 lakhs Syrian refugees displaced by war.

That people can give their precious life to save the democratically elected government shows how much Turkish leadership under Recep Tayyib Erdogan has won the hearts and minds of his own people. Of course, it cannot be mere rhetoric rather it is the substance which Erdogan leadership has delivered to the people of Turkey be it economy,freedom,peace,justice,unity and integrity. Turkey is today the 17th largest economy in the world and Turkish currency Lira has gained much ground vis a vis US Dollar although much more needs to be done on economic front.
Erdogan popularity can be gauged from the fact that since 2002, seven round of elections have taken place and every time his Justice and Development party has added more seats in Parliament.

The brave Muslims of Turkey have sent strong signals to the armies around the world against nurturing any anti government move and also sent a strong inspiration to Muslims at large not to get deterred by any adverse circumstances and to fight the common enemy unitedly as unity is the need of the hour of this ummah today.

Turkish leadership needs to be more vigilant as enemies are not going to sit idle and hatch more conspiracies to topple this Islamist government which is today a light in the darkness in Muslim world. (By Shahnawaz Ahmad)