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Satyam Babu didn’t remain idle in jail, earned BA degree

Satyam Babu didn’t remain idle in jail, earned BA degree
Picture Courtesy: The Hindu

Hyderabad: Satyam Babu, who walked free after languishing in jail for nine years for a crime he did not commit, didn’t waste his time while he was in jail. He did BA in political science, public administration and sociology through distance education and passed in the second division. He appeared for the examinations in June 2016 when he was in the Rajahmundry Central jail.

As reported by the Times of India, Satyam Babu took his degree certificate at the convocation held by the Dr B R Ambedkar Open University in the city on Monday evening.

He pursued his studies in jail despite having to suffer a prison sentence in the Ayesha Meera murder case. On the occasion he said he is indebted to the parents of Ayesha Meera for standing by him and also thanked his mother and sister for being supportive.

While thanking his lawyers for fighting his case knowing very well that he could not afford to pay any fee for their services, Satyam Babu urged the government to provide him a job and some agricultural land.

Answering to the question of media persons, as to why he had confessed to his involvement in the rape and murder, Satyam Babu disclosed that he was forced to do make the confession as the police threatened to kill both his mother and sister.