Monday , August 21 2017
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Saudi Arabia follows Manhaj-e-Salaf: Imam-e-Haram

Saudi Arabia follows Quran and Sunnah and Manhaj of Salaf Saliheen. It is imperative for us to practice the teachings of Prophet (pbuh) and Sahaba (raa) to correct the misconceptions about Islamic world. Sheikh Saleh Bin Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Aal Talib told this while addressing a grand public meeting held at the office of Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadeeth, here at Jama Masjid Mohammedia, Langar Houz on Wednesday. Present on the occasion were Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Home minister Mr. Naini Narsimha Reddy, Secretary Minority Welfare Department Mr. Omer Jaleel and others.

Salvation is possible only through association with the religion of truth and Salaf-e-Saliheen, Imam-e-Haram said. He pointed out that enemies of Islam through their nefarious conspiracies were trying to introduce many innovations in the religion. He declared terrorism as the worst tragedy and claimed that every country is facing its threat and now Saudi Arabia is also facing threat of terrorism. He stressed the need to defend the high status of Sahaba (raa) (companions of Prophet (pbuh)).

On the occasion Imam-e-Haram prayed for the oppressed Muslims of Palestine and Islamic world.

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