Saudi Arabia plans to forge a military organization of Muslim countries on par with NATO

, 7:33 AM IST

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia plans to setup a military organization on the lines of NATO. This would include all the Islamic countries. It will fight against terrorism.

This organization will not be against any specific country but would fight against terrorism and the threats posed by ISIS.

Pakistan has been given the responsibility of planning its framework. It is understood that 34 Muslim countries would join this organization.

It was the outcome of the meeting of Mr. Nawz Shareef, PM of Pakistan and General Raheel Shareef, Pakistan’s Army Chief who were on a three-day visit to Saudi Arabia to watch the valedictory function of joint military exercises.
It is not clear whether Iran would join this organization or not.

It is reported that Israel has been making overtures to Sunni Arab countries to form closer association in military sector. It is understood Israel hopes to counter the influence of Iran which threatens to attack Israel using nuclear weapons.