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Saudi bound woman detain at Delhi airport for carrying coconuts

Saudi bound woman detain at Delhi airport for carrying coconuts

New Delhi: A Saudi-bound woman passenger was allegedly withheld by Jet Airways staff at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) on October 5 after she was found carrying two coconuts in her baggage.

The victim, Naazish Begum, resident of Mawana town in Meerut district of UP, was shocked that the presence two coconuts in her handbag has created quite a ‘scare’ and made to miss the flight.

Naazish, along with her 3 minor kids, was travelling to Gulf nation. As her flight timing to Dammam was 10.30 am, she checked in earlier and got her boarding pass.

“After receiving the boarding pass, the airline Jet Airways staff checked my luggage and wasted considerable time in it and made me to miss my flight,” Naazish Begum told

Jet Airways spokesman contradict and said she was withheld for carrying prohibited articles in her baggage, which required her presence for clearance.

“Jet Airways staff offered to accommodate the guest on the next day’s flight but the guest refused and opted to stay back, the spokesperson added.

Naazish alleged the Jet spokesperson statement containing a pure ‘lie’.

“After they made me miss my flight, I was promised the next flight by Jet officials but was never allowed one as claimed by the airline. Instead, the officials asked me to go home and book a new ticket,” claims Naazish.

“I had gone through a lot of mental harassment with my three kids aged 11, 9 years and 3-month old baby. My kids were crying due hunger and tiredness for no fault of mine,” said Naazish.

“Also my Indian sim card was not functioning and I had to borrow the phone from an airport official to make a call to narrate my ordeal to my family, she added.

Mohd Mehboob, Naazish’ husband, who works as an engineer to Gulf nation has demanded an unconditional apology and compensation from Jet Airways.