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Saudi court ordered Bride must say ‘Yes ‘ herself for marriage

Saudi court ordered Bride must say ‘Yes ‘ herself for marriage

RIYADH: Walid Al-Samaani the Minister of Justice has ordered all courts and prospective grooms that before marriage, the  groom should get the approval of the   woman with whom he is going to marry according to Shariah.

The groom should hear it himself as she utters her approval. Al-Samaani also said that  no one can do this on behalf of the bride, and also said to ensure that the law is abided by and fulfill the requirement of Shariah which makes it a condition that there should be agreement of the woman and her approval during marriage, as per the regulations.

He said that the matter was related to responsibility and duty as well as protection of rights. According to the Article 14, about the groom he said that it is the duty of the groom to organize marriage and fulfill all its requirements and conditions.

He also has to register all the details in the records with the signature of both parties.

The minister stressed  that it is mandatory to hear the agreement of the woman who has to utter it before marriage. Though the woman is divorced, or even if her father is the guardian.