Wednesday , October 12 2016
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Saudi police busted “Sex blackmail” racket


Jeddah: Madinah Police arrested “Sex blackmail” racket. This racket of several people used to operating through social media websites where they used to lure men to apartments and then used to take photographs in a compromising positions to blackmail them for cash.


Reliable sources revealed that the gang of several men and women used to make contact with men through online sites, such as Keek and Tango. Woman then used to set up dates to meet at rented apartments where they take photographs in compromising position to blackmail them later for cash.


Spokesman of Madinah Police, Col. Fahd Al-Ghanam in a press release said that woman first used to lure man online and when the victim arrives at an apartment, other members of the gang used to take photographs in a compromising position and then used to threatened to public his illicit affair. He added that police has arrested two women, a head of the gang and search is on for the other culprits.

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