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SC to hear plea challenging Centre’s cattle notification

SC to hear plea challenging  Centre’s cattle notification
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New Delhi: The Supreme Court is going to hear a petition challenging the new notifications issued by the Centre banning sale and trade of cattle from animal markets for the purposes of slaughter and religious animal sacrifices on June 15.

Fahim Qureshi the Hyderabad-based lawyer told the court on Wednesday that the order was discriminatory and unconstitutional as they violated the fundamental rights including freedom of conscience and religion and right to livelihood.


He argued that. “The impugned provisions are imposing an absolute ban on slaughtering of animals in the country, directly affecting the employment of the butchers and depriving citizens to have the food of their choice.”


He said.“Farmers who find it difficult to feed their children today would be required to feed the cattle.”
The petitioner added.“maintenance of useless cattle involves a wasteful drain on the nation’s cattle feed”.

Qureshi has also pointed on how vigilante attacks on cattle traders have increased. He said.“There are a number of incidents where cows, bulls or bullocks transported are generally seized either by the police or some anti-social elements. The police are also helpless before such anti-social elements, who are violating the fundamental right of citizens to carry [on] the trade of purchasing and selling the cattle.”