Tuesday , August 22 2017
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SC wants Sahara to pay 2,000 crore by July 15

New Delhi: The Supreme Court warned Sahara Chief Subarata Roy this Thursday to deposit 2,000 crore by 15 July or he shall be sent back to jail.

According to NDTV, the Sahara chief, who was present in court and told judges that he would furnish two cheque’s for the same amount.
In response, the judges said,“We are warning you – if the cheques are not realized, we will send you to Tihar Jail directly from court.”

Subrata Roy also promised in SC to deposit Rs 1,500 crore in SEBI-Sahara account on or before June 15, said PTI.

The Supreme Court extended his parole till 19 June and ordered him to be present on the due date.
The Apex Court also rejected Subarata’s plea to auction Sahara’s lavish Ambly valley estimated to be worth around Rs. 34,000 crore .

SC wants to recover Rs 24,000 crore from Sahara that were collected through a savings deposit scheme which was declared illegal by market regulator SEBI. He has so far paid Rs 12,000 crore, and also has missed several deadlines to pay the remaining balance. The apex court has earlier repeatedly told Sahara to deposit Rs 5,000 crore urgently, of which Rs 2,550 crore must now be paid by June 15, said the report, as reported in DC.