Scariest video: Man uses his leg as bait to catch a python

, 12:32 PM IST

A man decided to catch a snake and guess what was his bait to trap the snake? His leg!. Though it is an old video, but getting viral now.

According to Indian Express, there is a doubt of how many would be getting anxiety kick like this man here.
Precisely, an adrenaline kicks to face the snake like, a python?

The man seen in a video applies a lotion on his feet and ties a cloth on it. He sits patiently right at the front of the snake’s hole and puts his leg inside the hole.

Pay attention and watch how relaxed he is.

He feels something and indicates his friends to pull him up, now what you will see not only surprises you but also makes you scare in day light.

When the man gets up you can see the snake drooping to his thigh.