Schools asked to pay VAT for sale of uniforms, books

, 11:28 PM IST
Render of a man with a magnifying glass looking to the text VAT

The Commercial Taxes Department has urged the school authorities to pay VAT for the sale of items like uniforms, shoes, books, stationery, etc.,

The Commercial Taxes Commissioner on Tuesday said that the Department was taking up necessary steps to monitor the tax compliance of various dealers. “A meeting was conducted with various school managements in twin cities in the month of May 2015 and informed them all the sales of items like uniforms, shoes, books, stationery etc., made as point of sale marketing at the Schools is a commercial activity and attracts VAT and such taxes are to be paid to the Government,” he said in a press released.

A proforma seeking such information has been sent to schools by mail in this regard, the Commissioner said. (INN)