Thursday , July 27 2017
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Second phase of Odd-Even in Delhi, fewer cars on roads than cops

The second phase of odd-even rule came into effect in Delhi on Friday. The roads, which are usually busy, saw less volume of vehicular traffic. Friday being Sri Rama Navami, a public holiday, is said to be a key reason in addition to odd-even restrictions. The Delhi government, which has projected the second phase of the road-rationing policy as the “decisive” one, said that 2,000 traffic personnel, 580 enforcement officials and over 5,000 civil defence volunteers are being deployed by it for smooth implementation of the scheme.

The first phase of the policy, that was in force between 1 and 15 January, did not have its intended affect as it could not lower pollution “as much as expected” but it significantly helped reduce traffic congestion in the city, Kejriwal has said.

The only change in the blueprint of the policy’s implementation from its first phase is the exemption given to cars carrying children in school uniform apart from those being driven by women, VIPs except Ministers in the AAP government and CNG vehicles with mandatory stickers. Violators will be fined Rs 2,000 in accordance with relevant section of the Motor Vehicles Act and the scheme will not be implemented on Sundays. Under the scheme, odd-numbered cars are allowed to run on odd dates while even-numbered cars are allowed on even dates. Thousands of policemen and civil defence volunteers were deployed in various areas of the city to enforce the restriction which will run for 15 days, till 30 April. The actual impact of the scheme will be known only on Monday, the first full working day after the second phase roll out.