Thursday , August 24 2017
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Security threats to Makkah Masjid, repair works need attention

Security threats to Makkah Masjid, repair works need attention

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has decided to decorate places of historical importance including Makkah Masjid on the occasion of Telangana Formation Day to be celebrated on 2nd June, 2016 but Makkah Masjid is still waiting for the promises made for its repairs and other works.

It may be mentioned that every year, Govt. officials visit Makkah Majid before Ramazan and make promises for its repair and other works but these promises remain unresolved. For the past two years, no attention has been paid to the repair works of the roof of Makkah Masjid. Rain water is dripping inside the masjid. Former Director of Minorities Welfare, Mr. Jalaluddin Akbar had visited Makkah Masjid along with the officials of Archeological Survey of India and had prepared a project for Rs. 1.7 crore but the Govt. did not pay heed to it. Govt. of Telangana announced to get a comprehensive project prepared with the help of renowned architect, Mr. Sharat Chandra. He will take a lot of time to get this project prepared. By that time, Ramazan will be over and monsoon will also be over. In such a situation, there is a need to take immediate steps for the repair of roof of Makkah Masjid on war footings.

All the 23 CCTV cameras which were installed earlier for security arrangements have become defunct. The officials are not worried about it. It is serious lapse on the part of security. The public address system of Makkah Masjid has become outdated and on the occasions of Taraveeh, it quite often fails. Demands made earlier to change the sound system but nothing has happened.

Recently, Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mahmood Ali visited Makkah Masjid along with officials and public representatives and promised to get all the repair works done before the commencement of Ramazan but so far even the cleaning of inside walls of Makkah Masjid has not been completed. The work related to filling of water in the reservoir has not yet been started. It is very regrettable that in the name of Telangana Formation Day, crores of rupees are being spend but the issues pertaining to the repair works of Makkah Masjid are not been resolved.

–Siasat News