Thursday , October 13 2016
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Selena Gomez’s ex DJ Zedd vows to stand by her?


Los Angeles: They may have broken up but DJ Zedd has reportedly assured Selena Gomez she will always have his back.

The pair had a brief relationship after working on the duet “I Want You To Know” together but have remained friends and Zedd, 26, told Gomez, 23, she can always rely on him, reported Hollywood Life.

“They talk and hang out. There is no awkwardness whatsoever. He has told Selena that he is there for her no matter what because he knows she needs a friend more than anything right now as she transitions through moving on from Justin Bieber.

Selena is at a crossroads right now that she has to figure out, and it is hard to do all of it while in the spotlight. They had their moment and it is strictly friendship. Nothing more, nothing less.

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