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I am self-indulgent, says Emraan Hashmi

I am self-indulgent, says Emraan Hashmi

Actor Emraan Hashmi, who was last seen in Raaz Reboot, says when it comes to Hindi songs, he likes to be “self-indulgent” and listens to his own tracks.

“Electronic music is my favourite. I love going for electronic music fests in Amsterdam or Goa. The music or the atmosphere there is something that I love. And that’s what I have been influenced by,” said Emraan.

“I am self-indulgent. If I listen to Hindi songs, I’ll listen to my own tracks,” added the actor.

The Azhar star said the tracks of Murder 2 and The Dirty Picture are his favourites. “Pee lun is the best one ever. It’s so romantic, I knew it’s going to be the biggest romantic song of the year and that happened,” he added.