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`Self obsessed` Kanye West `never apologises` to anyone

`Self obsessed` Kanye West `never apologises` to anyone

Melbourne : Celebrities are known for their starry tantrums. However, it seems like Kanye West is a notch higher than all.

Steve Stanulis, the former bodyguard of the 38-year-old rapper, revealed that West is so pampered that he did not even press his own lift buttons, adding he is such a control freak that he only allows his staff to wear plain black outfit, News.com.au reports.

Stanulis revealed the rapper is so possessive about his wife Kim Kardashian that he banned him from talking to her.

Adding on to this, he said the ‘Gold Digger’ hit-maker often compares himself to Picasso, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs and added he never ‘apologises.’

Stanulis’ other clients include Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. (ANI)