Thursday , August 17 2017
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“Selfish migrants” backstabbed Sonia: Bhikshamaiah Goud

Nalgonda DCC president Bhikshamaiah Goud here on Monday accused all those, who deserted the party for greener political pastures, of backstabbing AICC president Sonia Gandhi, who magnanimously conceded separate State honoring the sentiments of the people of Telangana.


Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan, Bhikshamaiah Goud lambasted the party leaders for quitting the Congress for temporary gains and demanded that MP Gutha Sukhendar Reddy, former MP G. Vivek, former minister G. Vinod, Bhaskar Rao resign from the party membership before joining the TRS for personal gains. He also made it clear that though the leaders have shifted their loyalties for pecuniary gains, the party cadre would remain in tact. He also said the defectors would be hated by the people in the State.