Senior MP: Iran should be awarded human rights prize for fighting terrorism

, 8:05 PM IST

Tehran : Senior member of parliament Alaeddin Boroujerdi said on Wednesday that if the Western governments are really opposed to terrorism, they should award Iran with human rights prize for fighting terrorism.
Senior MP: Iran should be awarded human rights prize for fighting terrorism
Speaking with IRNA, Boroujerdi said that those who were recently executed in Iran were terrorists, but the Western governments opposed to their execution.

One should not fall foul by the slogan of human rights advocacy by the West, Boroujerdi said.

He said that Daesh has been created by the US and is supported by the Israeli regime and US regional allies.

He accused Daesh supporters of trying to destabilize Iran and undermine the security in the Iranian territory, and cited to breakup of two terrorist groups by intelligence forces in western Iran earlier this week.

When asked to comment about setting up national parliament in Yemen and Moscow’s decision to recognize it, the lawmaker said that Iran also expressed support for the new Yemeni parliament.

Iran has also invited the Yemeni lawmakers to visit Tehran if possible, Boroujerdi said.

He said that he believes that setting up the new parliament in Yemen marks a new phase in the successes made by the Pivot of Resistance and Houthis despite all the brutal aggression against the Yemeni people by the Saudis.

In parallel with negotiation with representatives of the states involved in aggression on Yemen held in Kuwait, the Houthis are seeking to move toward political measures, Boroujerdi said, citing inauguration of parliament by the revolutionay group in Yemen.