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Shabbir Ali challenges Harish Rao for debate on TRS manifesto

Shabbir Ali challenges Harish Rao for debate on TRS manifesto

Alleging the TRS government of not fulfilling at least five percent of the total 182 promises in its 2014 election manifesto, Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabir challenged the Minister for Assembly Affairs Harish Rao to allocate one day during ensuing assembly session to discuss on the same.


Speaking to media at CLP office on Friday he criticized Harish Rao for accusing  previous Congress governments of not doing anything for the development of irrigation in the state.


Stating that most of the irrigation projects in the state were actually started during the Congress government and 90 per cent of those were near to the completion when TRS came to power.


He said, “If government is serious to debate on the issue of what has Congress done and what TRS is doing now, I challenge Harish Rao to put a debate wherever he wants. Let one day Assembly be allocated to discuss on TRS manifesto and people will know the reality.”


Harish Rao, a day ago stated that government will rough-up or wash away the opposition while releasing water from Singur dam in Medak district. Shabbir Ali said that TRS government has made 182 promises in its manifesto but not only 10 promises were fulfilled during past two and half year period amounting to less than 5 per cent.


Listing out the few major promises from manifesto Shabbir Ali said that the first promise in the manifesto was that to strive for eradicating political corruption. Paradoxically, the state government started its function by indulging in political corruption in the form of defections. TRS government has spent crores of rupees to make sever TDP, Congress and YCP MLAs defect from their respective parties, he said.


He further said that promises  with regard to State Advisory Council, irrigating one lakh acre area in each district, irrigation projects, loan waiver, education, super speciality hospitals in each district headquarter, housing, BC sub plan, minorities welfare, 12 per cent reservations and others were

not fulfilled. Replying to a query he said that Congress party will raise this issue in BAC meeting and said that if TRS agress to discuss on its manifesto in Assembly for at least one day it is ok or else opposition will go to people and willexpose how TRS betrayed them without fulfilling any promise it made to them.

On Nanak Ram Guda Incident: Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legisltative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir on Friday said that Minister for Municipal Administration K Taraka Rama Rao must resign from his post on moral grounds in wake of Nanakram Guda building collapse.


He questioned whether there was governance in the state or not. He said that several buildings were collapsed during past six months and government escaped by suspending few town planning officials. He questioned as to why state government was not taking any serious measures to rein in the illegal constructions.  (NSS)