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Shabbir Ali questions KCR’s silence on Kodandaram’s issue

Shabbir Ali questions KCR’s silence on Kodandaram’s issue

Leader of Opposition in Telangana State Legislative Council,  Mohammed Ali Shabbir,  has questioned the silence of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao over the criticism of TJAC chairman Prof. M. Kodandaram by his party men and cabinet colleagues.

Addressing a press conference at CLP office here on Thursday, Shabbir Ali said that Kodandaram has only repeated what the Congress party has been saying in and outside the Assembly and Council on various failures of the State Government. However, almost half-a-dozen ministers and other leaders attacked Kodandaram with the worst ever language that could be used against a senior citizen, especially the one who played an active role in Telangana movement. He said some ministers even questioned the very identity of Kodandaram and TJAC.


Shabbir Ali played an old video-clip wherein KCR reacted very sharply to the comments made by the then A P  minister T.G. Venkatesh against Kodandaram. While stating that Kodandaram was the representative of four crore people of Telangana, KCR had threatened to pluck   the tongue of those who criticise the TJAC chief. He had even threatened to “bury those who criticise” Kodandaram. “Does KCR still maintain the same stand? Will KCR pluck the tongues of his ministers and leaders who criticised Kodandaram or will he bury other critics?” he asked.

The Congress leader said that the Chief Minister should either designate a place to execute punishments like plucking the tongues or burying someone alive, etc., as it happens in some Gulf countries or stop giving such provocative statements.

He said there was nothing in Kodandaram raising the issues. Congress party has been exposing the failures of TRS Government since beginning. It is a welcome sign that the TJAC too has started speaking against TRS Government’s failures.

Meanwhile, Shabbir Ali welcomed the roadmap announced by the Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao for formation of new districts in the State. He said that the State Government was finally trying to adopt democratic means for constitution of new districts by way of introducing new district manual.(NSS)