Tuesday , October 11 2016
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Shameless drunken girls indulge in catfight outside Sahara Mall in Gurgaon


Gurgaon: Gurgaon which has emerged as a hitech city in the north of Delhi with its towering skyscrapers is also witnessing shameless acts such as catfight by the drunken girls coming out of Sahara Mall.


A glimpse of this fight could be seen when under the influence alcohol girls indulged in catfight outside Sahara Mall. The fight reached its climax for the people watching them to intervene. However, they could not do much as the fight was between two girls and there was no female police constable present on the spot.


In another scene near the same mall, two girls tried to board an autorikshaw. A group of girls trailed them and started quarreling in the middle of the road. People standing there made an attempt to intervene but the girls who were drunk did not stop fighting.


However the cause of fights is not known. It may be important to note that more than two dozen pubs and bars are available at MG Road in Gurgaon. Quite often one can witness such scenes of the girls coming out of these pubs in drunken condition and most of the time indulging in catfight.


Police officials make high claims that they have engaged patrol vehicles to prevent such incidents but the ground reality seems to be quite opposite.




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