Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Shariat protection conference to cooperate with AIMPLB

Tirunelveli(TN): A ‘Shariat protection conference’ held at a nearby town today decided to fully co-operate with All India Muslim Personal Law Board to ‘safeguard’ the Shariat act.

Various resolutions were passed, one among which said the constitutionally approved Shariat act for Muslims in matters like marriage, divorce, property rights and Wakf Board administration will be strictly followed and ‘safeguarded’.

Another said it would oppose the Uniform Civil Code at all costs, a press release from the Shariat Protection conference, held at nearby Palyamkottai, said.

The state-level conference was held under the aegis of various Muslim organisations.

Scholars and clergymen from various Muslim sects have opposed the Law Commission’s consultation on triple talaq and Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

The AIMPLB, while announcing the decision to boycott the Law Commission’s consultation, had criticised the Narendra Modi government for allegedly trying to divert attention from its “failures” by raising the issue of UCC.