Sherwani guy gets kicked out, but carries it in a fabulous style

, 7:26 PM IST

Washington: A Sherwani clad guy simply started screaming “Muslims are not terrorists” in a Trumph’s rall, following which Trumph was heard saying him “ get him out of here”.

Though such protests haven’t been new to Trumph, but what made this one simply interesting is the way Saqib Javed responded when security personnels carried him away from the rally.

Here is the video

The sherwani with quite silky and “voluminous” hair is all Saqib carried with style. The way he managed his style created waves on the Internet.

When asked “How did you get kicked out of the Trumph rally but managed to look so fabulous?” He answered that people were saying him “Bye Bye prince!” which made him maintain his style.