Shocking ritual! Devotees walk on burning coal to appease deity

, 2:04 PM IST

Jalandhar (Punjab): In a shocking and bizarre incident, scores of devotees walk on fire as part of a ritual at the Mariyamma fair in Punjab’s Jalandhar city.

While performing the ritual, a father accidentally dropped his six-year-old son on the burning coal.

The father was walking barefoot with his son Kartik in his arms on the red-hot embers, when he lost his balance and the child fell off his arms.

The duo was badly injured and is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital.

“The Mariyamma fair is going on here. People walk on the hot coal to get their wishes fulfilled. Whoever passes this ‘fire test’, his wish gets fulfilled. We have been following this ritual for the last 70 years. Many prominent ministers come to this fair,” said Bablu, a devotee.

Devotees across the country flock to the city for the festival in honour of goddess Mariyamma.

The ritual is performed by fasting for seven days before walking barefoot on the burning coal to appease the deity.

Reportedly, three years ago a mother carrying her daughter slipped and fell on the hot surface during the ritual. (ANI)