Thursday , July 27 2017
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Shops, malls, banks now can remain open 24×7!

Mumbai: Malls, cinema halls, banks, restaurants, shops and IT firms in the country can now remain open 24×7 for 365 days. The government on Wednesday approved the Model Shop & Establishment Act, which will permit eating joints, movie theatres, malls, and local markets to remain open round the clock. Aimed at generating employment prospects, the move is expected to pave way for a level playing field between online and offline retailers.

All public amusement establishments such as shopping malls, restaurants and local markets, which are not covered under the Factories Act 1948. These establishments must employ at least 10 or more employees to be able to come under the Act. The implementation of this Act is expected to be issued as an advisory to states. A consensus with trade unions, who have been calling this Act biased towards multinational companies, will not need to be arrived.
Government offices such as banks including the Reserve Bank of India, insurance companies and factories that are covered under the Factories Act 1948 will not be covered under the legislation.