Thursday , August 24 2017
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Short Film on farmers

Short Film on farmers

“No one hates his job so heartily as a farmer”. Farmers are the most neglected members of our society. Their profession, being one of the most noble, is now filled with hardships and suffering. To us, basic needs may seem nothing, but think about them who can only dream of surviving each day. They do not have the means to fulfill their basic needs of thirst and hunger. Poverty and political pressures suppress their struggles, shattering their hope of living. Is this what a farmer deserves? Working all their lives for the sake of people like us, is this arrogance what we can offer them in return? Watch this heartbreaking video which exposes the current mindset of a youngster from the modern day society. We hope our work will bring about a change.

Important Notice: “If you give us a million hits on this ..we shall donate our entire earnings to Nana Patekar’s Foundation for helping needy Farmers”

Dhani Ram Uncle
Vardhaman Dagli

DOP : Vishal Kaharate

Edited by : Vishal kharate and Abrar Hussain

Production Associate : Neha Jhaa

Marketing Head : Vardhaman Dagli

Creative Head : Arshad Shirguppi

Written and Directed by : Abdullah Siddique