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Siasat’s campaign for Muslim reservations intensifies among public

Siasat’s campaign for Muslim reservations intensifies among public

Hyderabad: The campaign for 12 pc Muslim reservations initiated by Siasat Daily has been intensified on public level. People are openly questioning government representatives in this connection during official functions. Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana Mr. Mahmood Ali had to face questions on Muslim reservations during the function organised by Urdu Academy to give away Best Urdu Teacher and Best Urdu Student Awards.

During the function when award presentation was to begin following Deputy Chief Minister’s speech, a man from the audience hurried towards the stage. Security officials prevented him from getting on the stage, on this the man said ‘I want to question on a very important issue’. He said, during his speech, Deputy Chief Minister covered various aspects but didn’t mention about 12 pc Muslim reservations. He wanted to know government’s stand on the important issue. Ministers and public representatives on the stage were astonished by his boldness while the other audience supported him on the question.

Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali had to give clarification. He said TRS government is bound to its promise of 12 pc Muslim reservations. Steps are being taken in this connection keeping in view all legal aspects.

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