Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Siasat’s services ignored, TRS leaders express resentment

Hyderabad: Siasat’s role in the successful establishment of 71 English Medium Residential Schools established by Telangana government cannot be forgotten. Siasat not only launched campaign to create awareness among Muslims but also played important role in admission in Residential schools. When the Minority Schools was established the Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS) had requested Siasat to cooperate in ensuring admissions. Hence Siasat who is always in the forefront for community services shouldered the responsibility and not only arranged for online admissions and launched awareness campaign through volunteers in poor Muslim localities. Lakhs of rupees of advertisements were published free of cost to ensure admissions in minority schools.

It was witnessed during the Minority Welfare Day function that several unrelated people and political leaders were presented awards on which Deputy Chief Minister also objected as this attitude created resentment among TRS leaders. At the end of the function persons associated with the society had to face ire of higher officials.

According to sources Deputy Chief Minister and Secretary Minority Welfare went so far as to say that if Siasat’s services are not acknowledged no other institution is worthy of it. According to sources the list was prepared by keeping higher officials in dark. The responsibility was given to the person who is in no way concerned with educational field.

Deputy Chief Minister and Secretary Minority Welfare are said to have directed the officials of the society to present special award to Siasat in recognition of its services for the schools.

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