Thursday , August 24 2017
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Sirisena aims to make Lanka ‘a toxin free green island’

Sirisena aims to make Lanka ‘a toxin free green island’

Colombo: Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena has said his government aims to uplift the economy of the country’s farming community and introduce a better agricultural policy to free them from debit burden.

Sirisena, who was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the ‘Toxin Free Nation’ National Program , said the responsibility of the rulers who love the country and the people as well as scholars and intellectuals is to provide most appropriate things to the people.

The President pointed out that the initiatives of the previous governments to enhance the agriculture and the farming community was all nonsense, reports Lanka Page.

Sirisena further said the government’s aim is to strengthen the economy of the farmers by introducing a better agricultural policy.

The President said the three-year national program to control use of agrochemicals in farming has been initiated with the intention of preventing the use of highly toxic agrochemicals in the farming sector, adding the program is created to take information about the farming lands in the country by using satellite technology.

President Sirisena said the leadership of implementing the national program should be taken by the divisional leaders and the Agrarian Services Department.(ANI)