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Sister of UK Terrorist terminated from her job

Sister of UK Terrorist terminated from her job
Women lay flowers near Borough Market on Monday. Image: AFP

London: Khuram Butt terrorist who was killed during last month’s London bridge’s terror attack on June 4 along with his other two accomplices story did not end just here. Khurrum’s elder sister have been terminated from her job as a security officer.

According the sources reported Haleema Butt along with her husband Usman Darr were suspended from their services soon after the attack and were also sacked in for questioning by the security services.

Haleema Butt and her husband, Usman Darr, were suspended soon after the attack on June 4 and questioned by security services. Haleema, a 28-year-old mother of two, has now had her employment terminated, according to the Daily Mirror.

“Haleema and Usman are not extreme at all. They’re really upset about what Khuram did” sources reported

When asked about her job at Heathrow Airport she replied saying, “You should take it up with Heathrow”

“Our top priority is always the safety and security of our passengers and colleagues. In coordination with the authorities, an investigation is under way and as a precautionary measure, we have taken action to suspend two individuals” said a spokesperson of the Airport.

Her husband Usman who also worked at the Airport has been suspended as well.

The killed terrorist was among the key persons of the extremist group said the sources at UK’s M15 intelligence services.

Khurram who rammed the van at the pedestrians on London Bridge and opened fire at the Borough Market killing eight people was among the key persons of the extremist group said the sources at UK’s M15 intelligence services.
He grew up in east London along with his sister, is believed to got a job at the airport just two months before the attack.

UK terror experts are now calling for more stringent background checks on people applying for sensitive jobs.

Col Hamish de Bretton Gordon, former head of chemical weapons of NATO and the British Army said, “Security roles at places such as Heathrow are critical – these are the people stopping terrorists putting bombs on planes. We need to be doing more to check the names of employees against terror watch lists”.

He added, “We can’t suggest this sister is in any way sympathetic to her brother’s views, but there have been enough terror cases where relatives have been acting together for the need for these checks to be done” sources reported.