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Situation for Muslims deteriorating in India, claims NC MLA

Likening and to Taliban, oppositionAga Ruhullah today alleged in the Assembly that situation for Muslims was deterioting in to a point where it might be better for them to go to Pakistan.

He asked Chief Minister to create an atmosphere where the youth of the state would feel that it is better to stay in India rather than going to Pakistan.

The Shia leader said while Zia-ul Haq had “destroyed”and sown the “seeds of discontent” there, India was a better place to live as everyone, whether Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians or Muslims, were free to live their lives.

“Unfortunately, the situation in India has changed after thecame to power and today the Muslims of India are facing the same situation what the people in Pakistan are faced with,” he alleged while participating in the discussion on Motion of Thanks to Governor’s Address.

To buttress his point, he cited incidents like Dadri lynching and murder of a Kashmiri trucker on Srinagar-Jammu national highway over beef rumours.

“The situation here (India) is deteriorating for the Muslims with each passing day and it is better to go there (Pakistan) rather than stay here. Here, they are humiliated,” Ruhullah alleged.

is the name there, it is Shiv Sena and RSS here”, the member of the opposition party said.

“I request Mehbooba Mufti, at least provide such an atmosphere to the youth of the state so that they can say that it is better to live in India rather than in Pakistan…I hope rather than falling for the greed of Chair, you will save the identity and the honour of the state,” he said.

Recalling the events of the past 40 years in Pakistan, he said Zia-ul Haq had “destroyed” Pakistan but fortunately such a person had not come to the scene in India till now.

The former military dictator had sown the “seeds of discontent” in his country, the effects of which are being faced by Pakistan and its neighbours even today, he said.

“We used to confront those desirous of Kashmir’s merger with Pakistan by saying that Islamic government is neither there nor here. It is better to stay with India as it is a peaceful and secular country in true sense. Every section of the society is getting its due right and can speak freely. Everyone is free to achieve whatever he wants honourably,” he said.

“It was right till date and we used to give example that the Shias and Christians have no right to live in that country (Pakistan). Even among the Sunnis, those who do not match their ideology with Taliban, have no right to live,” he said.

The BJP members briefly protested against the remarks.

Ravinder Raina of the BJP, in his speech, responded to Ruhullah’s comment, saying “National Conference founder Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah would not have been happy with this statement (about going to Pakistan)”.

“It was Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah who turned founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah back from Sopore and did not allow him to hold a rally in Anantnag,” Raina added.