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Snapdeal row: Culprit made 150 recces, bought 2 autos before kidnapping.

The criminal who was already booked for three murder cases previously got arrested on Monday.Astonishingly, the culprit was already married but still he was in love with Dipti Sharma, the 24 year old Snapdeal employee. He abducted her in an auto on 10 February and let her go off within two days unhurt.

29-year-old Devender, said police that he is the mastermind behind abduction case. He also said Deepti that he had been hired by her male friend who wanted to extract a ransom and get rid of her. But, soon again Devender told her, he had broken away from the gang of kidnappers to allow her to return home.

Dharmendar Singh, Ghaziabad police chief said that everything was planned by Devender, who first saw Deepti at Rajiv Chowk Metro station in January last year. He followed her from there and found out where she lived and worked.

That was the beginning of a psychopathic obsession: Devender trailed Dipti anonymously wherever she went, found out who she hung out with and where. Be it a mall, a restaurant, or a little errand, he was always there in the shadows, watching. His prying eyes were on her in the Metro and autos. He told police he had carried out at least 150 “recces” of Dipti.

The plan of kidnapping on Feb 10 started in November last year when Devender bought two new CNG autos and began plying them from Vaishali Metro
Devender who is accused in 32 previous cases says “I have so many cases against me. Why not a case of love?” he told police after his arrest, adding he had no regrets.
He was arrested along with four partners –