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Social activists condemn cold-blooded murder in the name of encounter, efforts to end rule of law

Bodies of SIMI terrorists who were killed in an encounter after they escaped from Central Jail, being handed over to their relatives and family members after post-mortem in Bhopal on October 1, 2016. (PTI)

Hyderabad: Forces trying to end rule of law are killing Muslim youth under custody and giving it the name of encounter. Strongly reacting on the fake encounter occurred in Bhopal, noted social activists of various organisations condemned the incident and appealed Supreme Court to personally take note of the incident and foil the plans of the forces trying to end the rule of law.

Maulana Naseeruddin, Maulana Syed Tariq Quadri advocate, Mr J Koti, Mr. Syed Azharuddin, Mr. Sandhya, Mr. Mujahed Hashmi, Mr. Das Ram Naik and others addressed the conference.

Speaking at the press conference Maulana Naseeruddin said communal and prejudiced forces in the country are carrying out such activities to intimidate minorities. They aim at uniting majority community in Uttar Pradesh elections by spreading hatred on religious grounds. He further said that the environment created in the country is not in national interest, as such activities will create sense of insecurity among citizens of the country and it will result in grave consequences.

Mr. J Koti declared the Bhopal encounter as a tragedy for the country and said that this policy is being adopted to create sense of insecurity among minorities and to intimidate them. He said this new trend of created hatred in the name of religion and killing Muslim under custody, began since 2014, and if the past incidents are analysed this may find links with Gujarat. It’s not difficult to conclude who are the masterminds behind such incidents.

Maulana Syed Tariq Quadri ex-member Minority Commission also termed the Bhopal encounter as unfortunate and atrocious. Mr. Mujahed Hashmi declared the death of 8 youth as cold-blooded murder.

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