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Sofia Hayat becomes ‘Mother Sofia’, says she will never marry nor have physical relation

Sofia Hayat becomes ‘Mother Sofia’, says she will never marry nor have physical relation

New Delhi :Do you remember the former Ex Bigg Boss season 7 contestants and model Sofia Hayat? She was a wild card entry in the seventh season of the reality show, in 2013. Who turned heads with her raunchy looks, has shocked everyone by becoming a nun.

Sofia has left her raunchy past far behind, and has taken the high road to spiritual enlightenment. She has also adopted the new name- Gaia Mother Sofia.

The actress-turned-nun made headlines two years ago when she celebrate ex-boyfriend cricketer Rohit Sharma’s double century, by posting two nude pictures from a photoshoot.

Sofia has now become a nun and goes by the name of ‘Mother Sofia’ instead of ‘Model Sofia.’ Her bio on her Instagram handle reads “I am mother of all. The earth was created when I spoke the word.Om. I have awoken to spread the truth. I am the the living truth. She has recently got a number of tattoos made, including an “Om” on her forehead.

“I will never have sex, get married nor have children. Since I am the holy mother, everyone’s my children. I have to look after everyone and make sure they know there is no hell. It is heaven that they are living in,” she adds. A changed Sofia doesn’t believe in religion either. “Humanity is my religion. I am neither Hindu nor Catholic. I believe only in love and unity as my religion.”

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Her Instagram bio now says:

“When you know that the world is an illusion for us to learn something, but has been infiltrated by reptilian programming, you can start to let go of the ego…And the ego is everything that you think you are… Clothes…. makeup… Job… Personality… Religion…Your family.When you let go of all of this.Then all that is left is love and freedom…and that is what you are. Namaste. Gaia Mother Sofia.”