Friday , July 28 2017
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My son is innocent; framed due to political vendetta: Vijayarama Rao

Hyderabad: CBI former director and former minister K. Vijayarama Rao here on Wednesday said his son Kalyan Srinivasa Rao, who was booked in Rs 304-crore bank defrauding case, was totally innocent and had nothing to do with the scam.
Speaking to mediapersons here, Vijayarama Rao said all facts regarding the case will come out soon and the real culprits would be exposed. Bemoaning that his son was falsely implicated in the case and got arrested due to political vendetta, the former minister said he would not name anybody for now, but the people would know everything in the coming days. “My life is an open book. My son has nothing to do with the multi-crore bank defrauding case.
Reiterating that his son Kalyan Srinivasa Rao was an innocent person, Vijayarama Rao said he would disclose everything to the court as well as the media very soon. Stating that he had seen only seen proceedings pertaining to the case, he said he did not talk to any CBI official in this regard. Vijayarama Rao said he retired as CBI director 20 years ago. He said the CBI sleuths searched his son’s houses on the basis of evidence with them. “My words would come true and there was no need for me to hide anything. I had allowed the sleuths to search his house as the CBI officials showed some evidence”, he added.
Stating that his son Kalyan Srinivasa Rao would walk out of the court honorably, the former CBI chief said he knows everything and would not disclose them now as there will be some problems for his son’s release. As far as his assets concerned, Vijayarama Rao said he owns some lands and house in his native village in which his son has a share.
It may be mentioned here that the CBI took Kalyan Srinivas into custody for questioning last week. The bank loan in dispute was purportedly taken by Srinivas for Sujana Group of Company founded by TDP’s Union Minister Y Sujana Chowdary, who got already embroiled in yet another bank loan scam. A Mauritius-based bank filed a case in Hyderabad High Court and city courts against Chowdary and his company and he was summoned by the court to appear for hearing.
Earlier in the week, Srinivas Rao’s sister Annapurna also denied charges against her brother and said it was conspiracy hatched by her father Vijayarama Rao’s political opponents to tarnish his 30 years of clean public image. When the loan was taken in 2012, Srinivas was working on salary for Sujana Group, she said and he left the job on their father’s advice who did not have a good opinion on the company. Vijayarama Rao, who was a minister in TDP government in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, recently joined the ruling TRS in Telangana. (NSS)