Sonam Kapoor raises concern over saffronization, Trump being President of US

, 2:36 PM IST

Mumbai: Actress Sonam Kapoor never shies away from speaking her mind and doesn’t care about the controversies that follows.

Speaking on the current wave of saffronization in India from increasing censorship controversy to the beef ban to cow vigilantism, the 31-year-old actress said.

“It’s disgusting to see how restrictive things are getting. And people don’t seem to know what’s happening around them, it happens at such a subliminal level.”

As we know that Sonam is a voracious reader and when asked what she’s reading currently, the frank, outspoken actress said,

“I’m mostly consumed by a lot of articles online as I am closely following the Trump campaign. Now imagine if that guy becomes the leader of the free world! It disturbs me to even think about that, it’s wrong on so many levels. As if things in India aren’t bad enough already.”