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Sons killed father for trying to rape two daughters-in-law in Jharkhand

Sons killed father for trying to rape two daughters-in-law in Jharkhand

Garhwa: Suraj Paswan, 49, was beaten to death by his two sons Rinku Paswan, 24 and Chotu Paswan, 21, after they caught him raping his daughters-in- law in Jharkhand’s Garwah district.

The duo were arrested on Monday and revealed that they hung the body from the tree to make it look like a suicide.

According to police sources, the incident happened on Sunday night when Suraj spotted his father molesting the elder daughter-in-law while she was asleep in her room.

Rinku warned him as his father was intoxicated, he said.“On hearing my wife’s cry for help I rushed into the
room and chased away my father. I forgave him as he was highly drunk.”

After an hour , Suraj again returned and repeated the crime on his younger daughter-in-law (Chhotu’s wife). The brothers lost their control, started beating him. They hung him from a tree after realizing that he had died intending to make it look like a suicide.

Rinku said. “We thrashed him to teach a lesson but unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries. There was no intent to kill him.”

Garhwa superintendent of police, Priyadarshi Alok said that the duo later confessed to their crime. “The two sons have been arrested for killing and hanging their father when he attempted to molest their wives in a drunken state. With their confession, the murder mystery has been solved.”

The police also said that Suraj got habituated of raping his daughters-in-law, as his two sons often moved to other states after monsoon for work.