Soon, driverless tractors to be unveiled by Mahindra

, 10:40 PM IST

Mumbai: Mahindra group is investing in the future of mobility with intentions to play a pioneering role in the development of driverless tractors and commercial vehicles. Amid speculations in the world whether conventional auto companies will survive in a transformed environment, he said the ‘buzz’ about the future of mobility is centered around three topics — shared mobility, role of renewable energy- powered vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

Chairman Anand Mahindra told “Everyone in the world is speculating whether conventional mobility companies will survive in a transformed environment. I am not an astrologer and cannot provide guarantees on that score, but I did want to emphasise to you all today, that if anyone is preparing feverishly for a disruptive future of mobility, it is Mahindra.

Tractors that operate autonomously could change the future of food production. This is an area where Mahindra, as the largest tractor producer in the world, intends to play a pioneering role.” The stress is on using the strength of telematics skills in the larger Mahindra Group and focus strongly on developing autonomous, driverless commercial vehicles, he added.