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Soon, Noida to bid adieu to parking hassles

Soon, Noida to bid adieu to parking hassles

New Delhi : People residing in and around Noida will no longer have to worry about a proper and safe parking space in the city as they will be soon getting a multi-storey car park.

The Noida Authority has designed an eight-storey parking building, which is under construction currently in Sector 18, Noida, U.P.

The construction of the project started in July, 2013. According to the Noida Authority, approximately 3000 cars can be accommodated in the building.

“Parking has always been an issue in Noida. A multilevel parking system is very helpful for the people as well as for preventing congestion that is caused on the roads due to haphazardly parked vehicles,” says Mr. Saumya Srivastava, Deputy CEO of Noida Authority.

The lack of a good spot to park is also overshadowed by the over-congestion of market roads by parked vehicles.

Lipika Buddharaj, a business woman working in Sector 19, has always had troubles parking her car in the office vicinity due to the lack of space. She said, “Parking my car on the road has always made me paranoid of theft and vandalization.”

Lipika is one of the thousands of others, who have to park their vehicles in far off locations from their work place. A multilevel parking system will not only save space, but also ensure the safety of the vehicles.

The total cost rendered for the construction of the eight-floor high parking building is Rs. 21,256 lakhs approximately. The close proximity of the Great Indian Mall and Film City to the parking building serves well to the common people too.

“I come with my family to the mall almost every weekend. But the unavailability of parking spaces makes it a dreaded event each time. A multilevel parking system will be very beneficial for the people because then one would not have to think about parking troubles each time they go out” says Prashant Shekhawat, a resident of Sector 15, Noida.

For some other people like Anita Sharma, who do not have parking spaces in their residential buildings, the multilevel parking is a boon.

“We do not have parking space for our vehicles in the building or anywhere nearby. My husband has to park the car in the mall parking every night. It is expensive and too much of a bother,” she says.

According to Noida Authority, the construction of the multilevel parking building will be completed and open to public use by 31st July, 2016. (ANI)