Friday , August 18 2017
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South Zone police open 131 new history sheets

Hyderabad: As a part of Public Safety and Security and Maintenance of Law and Order, the South Zone Police opened 131 New History Sheets against those who indulged in bodily offences, Crime against Women/Girls and disturbing the Public Order. Among them, 105 Rowdy Sheets and 25 Suspect Sheets and one CDC Sheet were opened.
Due to various sustained initiates taken by Hyderabad City Police like invoking PD Act, Cordon & Search operations, Usage of Technology, quality investigation and Community policing programs on crime has been reduced, particularly organised crime came down drastically. In the South Zone, similar situation was prevailing there and no notable crime incidents occurred since two years, V Satyanarayana, Deputy Commissioner of Police South Zone said.
Updating sheets against wrong doers was the one of the key parameters in control of crime and maintenance of Law and Order. As a part of that, the South Zone Police closed sheets against those persons who were most inactive, old age and having physical ailments. At the same time, police opened sheets against those who are young and active and indulging in Murder, Attempt to Murder, Crime against Women and Girls and Illegal Financing and other offences. (NSS)